TOP 10 Italian restaurants in Prague

Discover the culinary delights of Italy right in the heart of Prague with our curated list of the city's top Italian restaurants. From traditional pasta dishes to mouthwatering pizzas, these eateries promise an authentic taste of Italy that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the streets of Rome, Florence, and Naples.

Welcome to our page dedicated to Italian restaurants in Prague where you can discover some of the best places to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in the city.

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has a rich history and a diverse culinary scene. Italian restaurants in Prague offer a variety of dishes that showcase the flavors and traditions of Italy. From classic pasta dishes to wood-fired pizzas, these restaurants provide a taste of Italy in the heart of Prague.

Holy Pasta - Manifesto Market Anděl

What a great food!!I have tried numerous pasta around the world and I must confess that this is the best italian food ever! It is cooked perfectly well and, finally, I can find vegan options in Prague. I tried the vegan gnocchi and they were just heavenly made!! Thank you Holy Pasta Prague! Great pasta, and the menu has offer for everyone. I loved the Beef Ragu, it was a perfect option, for a cold night, and the Christmas atmosphere in Manifesto Market, elevated the experience !! Had the opportunity to taste one of the first meals from the newly open Holy Pasta in Manifesto Market and the food was great! Outstanding service as well! :) Loved the new Xmas pasta with turkey & the fresh pasta with shrimp and pomodoro! Holy Pasta chef, Giannis, is amazing putting his pans on fire! Best of luck guys :) I ate carbonara and pepperoni. Sooo Delicious 😋😋

Toscana Bistro

Omg, what a place, might look dated from outside but the food is top notch!!!! Amazing people, and the two steaks they have, oh my god, be prepared to experience real Toscany taste in Prague. Make sure also to get the bruschetta with mortadella and pistachio. Overall 5/5!! Definitely is one of the best places for steak in Czech Republic! Excellent food and service, fantastic steak, great wine and the best coffee and tiramisu in Prague. The fiorentina steak meat is properly aged, high quality. The price of 1000kc for 1000g of steak of such quality is a bargain. I strongly recommend. FABULOUS 😍.. finally a true High Quality Italian and typical Tuscany food. Even in Italy is rare to find such TOP LEVEL food. Delicate but intense, made at the state-of-art preparation. COMPLIMENTS, finally in Prague there is a fixed point where to go to be FULLY SATISFIED with your expectations. See you very soon again! The Fiorentina steak was delicious and cooked to perfection like it should be. The wine selection is one of the best `i have seen in Prague and the prices for the wine are affordable. They sell Leonardo wines which I selected and with the meat it was an awesome combination. The prices are very affordable and the quality of meat you receive is top class. Fantastico - as an Italian I felt at home in Toscana Bistro. Great food and atmosphere, thanks Francesco

MAMA Praha

Delicious ravioli! The best I've had in ages. The wine selection perfectly complements the flavors. But what truly stood out was the incredibly friendly staff, who not only made us feel welcome but gladly recommended the most delightful dishes. Their hospitality truly enhanced our dining experience. A must-visit in Prague! Fantastic fresh pasta! We ordered the Spinach Mama and Shrimp Mama first. We enjoyed our meals so much that we also wanted to try the Cheese Mama too. Our pasta was cooked well and all the sauces were delicious. We recommend Mama Praha. This restaurant is a gem. The handmade pasta was incredibly tasty, and the atmosphere and service were fantastic. A must-visit for any pasta lover! Very nice cafe ☕️ to have in with a lovely chilling music. Irina has a proper quality of welcoming to the shop with a wonderful smile and very helpful which made the time/experience there so nice. I’d definitely visit it again to try the coffee and some sweets. Hats on the wall looks so nice 👒. This restaurant and bar is such a gem. The pasta was delicious! This is also an excellent venue for parties. They have a gorgeous bar/lounge downstairs. The staff was super helpful, prompt, and communicative when setting up events. Even let us play our own music. I highly recommend MAMA Praha.

Restaurace Piatto Caldo Prague

Good and thin pizza. We liked it a lot. Would like to have a frutti-di-mare option, given that there is a seafood pasta in menu, but not in pizza section. Pesto burrata Delicious salad with Italian buratta served on fresh salads. I recommend it to anyone who visits Prague🤗 A lovely place with an amazing closed-in garden, where you can eat intimately. The food is positively gorgeous, especially guanciale ❤️ we've also had the pizza and I have to admit, it is one of few places in Prague where you can taste true Italian pizza! The whole restaurant is clean and the staff is always friendly. Definitely will visit again! Visited this place yesterday. A standout—easily one of the city's best Italian spots. The atmosphere was warm. The pasta was extraordinary. Service was attentive and kind. Don't miss out, highly recommended 👌 When you see the building from outside, you can never imagine the beautiful interior and the delicious that's inside! Highly recommend the pistachio pesto and the tiramisu, will visit again for sure!

Toskana - vínobistro

Small, cozy and amazing place. It is also a store, but I recommend to go inside for a glass of wine and a snack, which are really exceptional here. The owners and employees are so nice and friendly, that you instatly feel like at home. And if you are lost and don't know what to order, they are ready to help you. If you're looking for a relaxed, family feeling, look no further than Toskana - vínobistro. From the moment you walk through the door, you'll be greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere, and the hostess, Lanka, will make you feel right at home. Lanka's friendly and attentive service sets the tone for an unforgettable time. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the wine selection and is always happy to make recommendations. Her warm personality and infectious smile make you feel like you're sipping wine with a friend. But it's not just Lanka's exceptional service that makes Toskana - vínobistro stand out. The selections of Italian wines and delicious charcuterie is absolutely incredible. Overall, I can't recommend Toskana - vínobistro enough. Little piece of Tuscany in Nusle, the place has genuine atmosphere and vibe. Great for casual catch up with friends over a glass and little snack. Really special wine in the shop, very nice and cozy place. Good Italian one and cheese Beautiful small wine bar with a great atmosphere, wine, food and amazingly nice service.


Fantastic food! We went for lunch and really enjoyed it. I was doubtful when reading some rate it as best baked "chicken" - well, actually a cockerel, really. But it was a truly fantastic meal. We had both half cock each, one original, one truffle, and we couldn't decide which one was better. Beautifully moist and soft, great flavor, delicious fries and sauce on the side. To be honest, we could each go for a full cockerel, and for sure will do that next time. Italian wine was very nice indeed as well, so overall it was a great experience. We waited for the meal a little, but honestly, got this level of quality, it was not an issue. Place itself is very nice too - plenty of plants, outside (covered) and inside seating, with added fun that mostly everything (including chairs) is for sale. Fantastic meal indeed, we will surely come back. Absolutely delicious! Waiter was very nice and was happy to assist to my requests to the chef. First time trying this cockerel! If I could, id never go back to normal chicken again! Must try. Great concept and a nice atmosphere. The service by the waitress and the manager was excellent. Also there is a small part devoted to some high quality clothes and accessories and they have a garden. Restaurant speciality is cockerel. It was very tasty and for a reasonable price. The staff was very nice and spoke English. And it has a small terrace in the back to eat outside when the weather is good! If you are looking for an unique place with smiling staff and original menu, come to Kohoutek, you cam order online or come in person. Drawing canvas on the table, free peanuts while you wait, IPA beer among other things will make this a great feast. Accesible by tram 10, 16, 11 just a block away. Payment by CC card available. Hope you will like it as we did:-)

Sempre Pagana

Absolutely love the food. The service was just pure class. I came all the way from Malaysia with my family for a roadtrip and well we do not speak nor understand Czech. The waiter was kind enough to describe all the dishes on the menu to us and were very friendly to us all night. Photos are uploaded for convenience. The food was just delicious and cooked to perfection. The quality of the photos doesnt do the food any justice though. If you need a romantic type of restaurant. I think this place is kind off a hidden gem. One the best restaurants i went to. Great staff realy caring but not too much it was perfect. The food is awesome and so tasty with the little show when serving pasta is the cherry on the cake! I do recommend one of the best address in Prague! This restaurant was recommended by an Italian living in Prague as the best Italian restaurant. Each of us ordered a different item on the menu. No one was willing to share their order or part of it with anyone else! The Spaghetti parmegana was prepared in the middle of the restaurant by Pagana herself. The aroma of garlic, olive oil, and mariana sauce was amazing. We loved every meal. So glad we discovered this gem in Prague. The best Italian cuisine in Prague, you can get very fresh cuisine here, and also the environment was very clean!Highly recommend! 東西新鮮好吃,服務態度好,環境乾淨! A hidden treasure. Great food and the best service and staff we meet on our trip, so nice and kind and they did a great job to explain everything very well. Must-try if you ever visited Prague.

Ristorante-Pizzeria Al Tagliere

Best restaurant we went to in the over two weeks of our holiday. Really good food - pizza dough was amazing, pizza itself was delicious and not too heavy, and the complimentary bruschetta was an appreciated touch. The servers were very friendly and down to earth and checked in on us frequently (but not in an overbearing way). It’s worth going here just for the hospitality as I didn’t encounter a nicer restaurant anywhere else. You genuinely don’t realise how enjoyable a dining experience can be till you come somewhere like this :) Great authentic Italian place owned by lovely people from Sardegna. I had a delicious pasta al tartufo, my mum had a pizza and both were fresh and super tasty. The atmosphere of this place takes you to Italy :) the staff were so nice and friendly. 100% recommend, it’s a hidden gem of Prague. If you’re tired of Czech cuisine and crave something more light and fresh, do not miss this place. Thank you. ✨ The staff/waiters are one of the friendliest people that I've seen in restaurants. Always a big smile on their face and happy to help you! Also the food (pasta and pizza) tastes really good and authentic. Will definitely visit again! The lemonade was so refreshing. The pizza was delicious with everything that word means. The pizza was lucifero which is a little bit spicy and they do have hot oil in case you need to add to it. The dough was yummy. The desert....oh my oh my. This was the panna cotta and you have a choice of strawberry chocolate raspberry caramel. Everything from the restaurant drinks food dessert and service was top notch. I highly highly recommend. The pizza. if you want to experience an authentic Italian restaurant in Prague, you must definitely visit this place. Fantastic food, amazing service and a luxurious lemoncello at the end. For me, it's definitely the best Italian restaurant in Prague.

Ristorante Gastronomia i Trulli

An amazing Italian experience in Prague, with state of the art classics and much more. This restaurant offers a seasonal menu that this time features fresh black truffles right from Italy. The wine list also has some of the great labels, and the owner is extremely friendly and always happy to advise for the best pairing. If you are in Prague craving for authentic Italian food, look no further! I recently dined at this wonderful Italian restaurant and had the pleasure of trying their grilled fish. It was an absolutely amazing culinary experience! The fish was perfectly cooked, tender, and bursting with flavor. The Italian seasoning and grilling technique used truly brought out the authentic taste of Italy. The ambiance of the restaurant is cozy, and the service was impeccable. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to savor the real taste of Italian cuisine. Chef Mo The most amazing pasta, seafood and traditional Italian food in town! I Trulli is a true corner or southern Italy in Prague, a warm environment and a surprisingly quality wine list. The owner Antonio is always there, welcoming guests and recommending the right food, daily specials and wine pairing. Definitely not to miss if you are around Prague and like to eat real Italian. Very nice people and tasty food, please don’t forget to try the tiramisu, you won’t regret it:) Small charmed restaurant, kind of hidden, but easy access from city center. I've never been in that much authentic Italian restaurant out of Italy. Stuff is pretty nice and kind, I guess born in Italy, because they speak Czech with heavy Italian accent. Interior is nice and simple as Italian cuisine they serve you - so wonderfull! I don't have any other option than suggest this restaurant for everyone who wants to have a really authentic experience and a nice lunch or dinner with nice atmosphere and tasty food.

Ichnusa Botega & Bistro

I totally love this bistro, for it's genuine cuisine, quality and very pleasant staff! For this dinner, maybe that evening I had the impression also that the owners were serving me and my son. We were celebrating a special event that we will always remember, it was simply perfect! Thank you so much 🥰 it has been wonderful and delicious moment eating in this place. service was great as well. we will definitely return there. not cheap, but worth. Fantastic flavours, amazing food quality, great wines and a really great service! Would come here again any time! They also have a private dining room available upon request. We just happened on this Restaurant while exploring and looking for a place to eat away from the tourist crowds. What an amazing find!! Everything from the service to the food was incredible. There were four of us dining we all thought it was one of the best meals we had had on our trip -and for reasonable prices. If we ever return to Prague, this will be at the top of our dining list! Ichnusa Botega&Bistro is my most favorite restaurant in Prague. The food and food presentation, wine and service are exceptional. You never get bored with their menu. And it’s a great value for money. I strongly recommend this place.

Whether you're craving a hearty bowl of pasta, a crispy pizza fresh from the oven, or a selection of Italian wines and cheeses, these Italian restaurants in Prague are sure to satisfy your taste buds and transport you to the charming streets of Italy. Buon appetito!

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