TOP 10 Barbecue restaurants in Prague

Fire up your appetite and satisfy your cravings for smoky, savory goodness at Prague's best barbecue restaurants. From tender ribs and brisket to mouthwatering pulled pork and flavorful sides, these eateries serve up authentic barbecue that will leave you licking your fingers. With laid-back vibes and friendly service, you'll enjoy a true taste of the South right here in the heart of Europe.

Welcome to our page dedicated to barbecue restaurants in Prague! In this beautiful city known for its rich history and stunning architecture, you can also find some amazing barbecue restaurants serving up delicious grilled dishes that will satisfy your cravings for smoky flavors.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has a long history and a unique culinary tradition. Barbecue restaurants in Prague offer a variety of dishes including grilled meats, vegetables, and seafood. These restaurants are known for their flavorful marinades, homemade sauces, and expert grilling techniques that bring out the best in each dish.

ŠPICA-Grill, grilované pokrmy

i love this place and the pljeskavicas are consistently amazing. The owner is super friendly and talkative. Exceptional Balkan food made by an enthusiastic owner making the food of his homeland with love and passion. Yes, true, it's in an underpass, not the best location... but it's beside the National Museum and the food quality is fantastic and you really should try it out. Buy the food and enjoy it just outside the underpass below the trees around the museum. A real hidden gem that serves excellent balkan food, lovely to find it in Prague. You can really notice the passion and experience that goes into this place. The best Balkan food in Prague. Open a restaurant please 🙏🙂 Great place, authentic Balkan grill taste! If you're in for ćevapi or pljeskavica, this is the place to go to. Coming from a city where grilled food is one of the most famous specialities, this is pretty damn good. 🙂 Make sure to talk to the owner, so he can advise you what to get, so it's just right for your own personal taste. I like both offered products (naturally, each of them has a special place in my heart), but since I came with a few Czech colleagues, and had both pljeskavica and ćevapi, they liked the pljeskavica better, because there's a special "add-on" or a part of a special recipe not common in ČR called "urnebes". 😏 Or, buy both and decide for yourselves!

Hell Smoke BBQ

great place with great food. stuff is very friendly and they speak english pretty damn good! we’ve had dirty fries with some pulled pork and rice bowl with brisket. portions are not enormous as if you go to czech restaurant, but me and my boyfriend are full and that’s really enough. recommend! Great bbq place with tasty meats and sides near Mala strana. We tried three tasting plates and we liked most of the things . Only the colesaw was less popular but the rest was amazing. From meats i recommend brisket,pastrami and sausage. From sides: beans, pickles, brioche. The fries are regular ones, nothing special. From sauces we liked rojo the most. Smaller tasting plate is enough for one person, bigger one is for two persons. I recommend trying the place yourself. Beside beers on tap they also have a fridge with various craft beers. E.g. sours, helles, ipas, neipas, stouts etc. We stopped for an afternoon meal, after coming down from Petrin Tower, so we were HUNGRY! The pulled pork sandwiches were really good, and the artisanal cola too! I imagine the vibe is quite nice at night. The staff was friendly, and helped with suggestions. Welcoming staff and great food! Re-thinking traditional Czech kitchen with modern dishes and approach! Cabbage and sour beer are wonderful! 👍 Beans with brisket (side) were a bit too spicy though. Exactly what was needed after a long day travelling, pretty much perfect. Fantastic flavourful meats, house smoked. Great selection of local made beers to suit a veriety of palates. Friendly genuine service with a smile. Even take away options. Do visit if you're near or far, well worth it.

Zahrádka Hadovka

It was ok, good burgers but nothing special like the down ro earth atmosphere there. nice swrvice, pilsner urquell on tap and good vurgers for 100 some czk. giving 4 stars only for the fact that on some occasion s9meone at other tables was smpking wheat rhere and the smoke was bothering me Very original beergarden (unfortunately closed during winter) directly at the bus stop, decent variety of beers and drinks, and all the food a deep-fryer will serve: frozen burgers, fries, hotdogs. sounds bad, but at 49kc starting point for a burger, its a blast for having a cheap, fun lunch or after work beer-blast! 4th star for interesting audience and music choice Good beer on fresh air. Good burgers & beers, great garden seats

Restaurace: Yuniku korean Charcoal BBQ & Sushi
Rating: 4.6
Address: 3, Slezská 1297, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha-Praha 2, Czechia

Sale&Pepe BBQ - the ultimate cuisine


Il Primo Piatto

Very popular during lunch time. Space is limited and therefore it is quite noisy. For a quiet business lunch in two you rather choose another one Great staff, delicious cacciucco, lemonade and coffee. Beautiful interior. Nice garden! Plan to become a frequent visitor 😊 I absolutely love this place. It's quiet an cozy food is very delicious ( specially seafood spaghetti or risotto) and prices are very pleasant. Not that great. The food is okay, not bad, but definitely nothing to write home about. Relatively uninspired. The prices are alright, the staff is nice and the outside garden/patio is quite cosy in the evening, but Prague has a lot more better restaurants to offer. Definitely an okay choice if you have to stay in the area of Budějovická metro station. A rather attractive, middle of the road place in terms of quality, service and prices. For the higher than average prices for the area and quality of food the prices are somewhat high. Not enough to make you turn away, but enough that you notice and question whether you will return. The foods not bad, it’s perfectly acceptable actually, but then it’s not something your going to go out of your way to recommend to a colleague. It’s sort of like the offering of a good cafeteria but put into a much classier setting. It tries to sell itself as an Italian restaurant but many ingredients taste commercially store bought, like the pasta and the bullion. The atmosphere is probably the best part of the place. It truly is attractive, with a classy comfortableness that is nice for a business meeting rover lunch or a date where you want to look good. This is especially true in the summer as the garden patio is very nice for a lunch in nice weather.

Dirty Dog Barbeque

Fried chicken is amazing. Corn dogs were awesome. And the owner and staff are super warm and welcoming. Definitely come if you want a taste of the US while you’re in Prague. ❤️🤍💙 Manifesto is cool but this is some of the worst food I’ve ever had! I waited 45 mins for my food, chasing once, and then the second time he was like “it’s here!” despite the buzzer not going off. Which meant “it’s been lying here, and it’s now warm not hot!”. Generous portion but the Mac n cheese was as dry as sand (and lukewarm). The pulled pork was tasty but again really dry. Disappointing. Another girl I got talking to had been waiting half an hour… it wasn’t rush hour so we were genuinely confused what took so long… So, in short, the food market as a whole is really great but try another food vendor. I had the pulled pork burger with sweet potato fries & ranch dip - my partner had the soup with grilled cheese. The food was absolutely amazing, and the two chaps who served us were extremely friendly - really couldn’t recommend enough! Everything was perfect, service and food 👌 Trendy and super sweet food court. Absolutely stunning homemade bbq. I already tried Dirty Dogs at Manifesto in Berlin and wanted to see how the original place would taste like. I met the owner, Isaac, who gave us a nice sample platter with three sauces, pickeles, pulled pork, mac'n'cheese and some ribs, chicken and waffles with cole slaw. Everything tasted absolutely delicious! Tender Ribs that fell off the bone, juicy pulled pork, crispy chicken and an amazing self-made cole slaw. My favorite part their sauces: Ranch dressing delicious, bbq sauce smokey, sweet and tangy. Thank you for that great food! See you in Berlin!

Black Dog

My wife and I recently had a delightful dining experience at Black Dog restaurant. We indulged in two mouthwatering burgers served with crispy fries, and for dessert, we savored an exquisite caramel and chocolate cake. To complement our meal, we enjoyed four excellent Czech beers. The burgers were absolutely divine, earning a perfect score of 10/10. They were cooked to perfection, bursting with flavors, and accompanied by perfectly crispy and flavorful fries. The dessert, a caramel and chocolate cake, was a heavenly delight, receiving another well-deserved 10/10 rating. Each bite was a symphony of flavors and textures. Additionally, the selection of Czech beers was outstanding, enhancing our meal and earning a solid 10/10. The service provided by the staff was impeccable – friendly, attentive, and efficient, deserving yet another 10/10. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant was fantastic, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance that added to our dining pleasure. For this, I gladly rate the atmosphere 10/10 as well. Black Dog is truly an exceptional restaurant, offering delectable food and a warm, inviting atmosphere. The staff members were incredibly kind and helpful, ensuring that our dining experience was nothing short of perfect. What impressed us even more were the relatively reasonable prices for such high-quality food and service. I highly recommend Black Dog to anyone seeking a memorable dining experience in Prague. Whether you're a burger enthusiast, a dessert lover, or a beer connoisseur, this restaurant has something exceptional to offer to satisfy your taste buds. Kudos to the entire team at Black Dog for providing top-notch service and culinary delights. We will definitely be returning for more! Loved my bacon and cheese burger, I had it rare, and it was very nice. Perhaps medium rare would have made it tasting better from my perspective. My girlfriend however wasn't so impressed with the dog as it was cold, this may have been in part, due to my burger being rare and them cooking at the same time which could easily have been negated by starting off the hot dog first before cooking the burger. Fries were excellent as well as the green beans. Came here based on the Honest Guide's video over on YouTube for best burgers in Prague. I feel the burger was in my top ten of all time which is pretty good. really tasty burgers, can’t say anything bad about that, but the service was really weird. Especially the lady was acting over the top for no reason and one of the guys was giving “česká vesnica” vibes.. Very very great place to eat no matter the circumstances! Scrumptious food! And great customer service, baubek was a great help and was the best customer service I have ever seen in a long time! 👍👍 Very great place, would recommend! 10/10 customer service goes out to Baubek! 😃😁 👍👍 Delicious burgers, great quality and very tasty. Very pleasant staff, good atmosphere. 10/10 I’ll definitely be back!

Poctivá restaurace a Poctivý burger

This is a good restaurant serving burgers and other main dishes. We enjoyed the vast beer selection. The staff was friendly, smiling (wow!!) and welcoming, and even though they don't speak great English, they tried and we really had no issues communicating. There were some locals and some tourists when we were there. It has outside seating available in the warmer periods. Such a nice place with an excellent cuisine! Also Lia (a server) was super nice and welcoming, talking was very fun and made the food even better, would recommend! I got the ribs in beer sauce and it was very good and still had the strong beer flavor in it. Fine collection of beers and wines. U absolutely should try this awesome 'Kaštan 17' semidark brew out of Uhříněves. Or so called 'maiden white' from the cellars of Moravia. Mah lilla one, Niki&I, got our bellies yummy 😋 yum satisfied by po🥔tato dump🥟lings stuffed with smoked 🥩 layed on soursweet red cabbage with caramel-like fried onion on top of each one 'em. Definite must-go dine-in 👌. Ya betcha! Wonderful little spot in Vinohrady. Tomas was a great server and happy to help us out, despite our poor Czech speaking. Easily the best burgers I've ever had, awesome local brews and a perfect atmosphere for a quiet night out. Thanks again Tomas If you don't want a typical turistic place but still want local food, I recommend this place. The host might not speak very well English but he welcomes you in a very nice manner and language barrier is not a problem. Ribs in the beer sause was delicious!! Beer of course with it

Kikiriki Gril

We come here from time to time for grilled chicken. We took coleslaw that I liked, lemon deep it was also nice and chicken that is ok. I prefer to have crispy skin on the top, but this one never had it. Good thing is that it’s close to the žluté lázne and náplavka. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT I ordered pulled chicken with “cheddar” sauce and apricot lemonade but I was very disappointed. As the sauce doesn’t resemble cheese at all, more like mayo. I received a lot of potatoes and less chicken and the apricot lemonade tastes like coloured water. Once was perfect, the other time was pretty dry. But will surely come again since its really close to the beergarden and it’s a great alternative for pizza or kebab there :) Old chicken, potatoes didn't tasted good. worst meal in a long time had a lovely 1/2 chicken from here. would highly recommend.

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