TOP 10 Hamburger restaurants in Prague

Sink your teeth into juicy, mouthwatering burgers at Prague's best hamburger restaurants. From classic cheeseburgers to gourmet creations with unique toppings, these eateries take this American classic to the next level. With quality ingredients and creative flavor combinations, each bite is a culinary delight that will leave you craving more.

Welcome to our page dedicated to hamburger restaurants in Prague! In this article, we will explore some of the top-rated hamburger joints in the beautiful city of Prague, Czechia.

Prague is a city with a rich history and a vibrant culinary scene. While traditional Czech cuisine like goulash and svíčková are popular choices for locals and tourists alike, the hamburger trend has also made its mark on the city. Hamburger restaurants in Prague serve up a variety of juicy burgers with unique and delicious toppings that cater to different tastes.

Pala Bistro Grill

Had an amazing burger there, the ingredients are fresh and the meat is tasty. Fries are not included with the burger but are tasty too. The place is pretty nice, you can eat inside or outside. Would go again to try a different burger. Thank you. Tasty burgers with homemade bun made from delicious beef which was grilled as it should be. Chilly burger had correct level of spiciness. Very kind waiter, food was prepared quickly. Refreshing homemade lemonade from fresh juice, water and fruit pieces. Amazing place for burger lovers! The menu has a lot of options, the price is fair and the service is so friendly. I highly recommend the Chipotle Burger, so delicious! Good service, good food! They had an English menu and all the staff spoke English! They also had a kids menu for picky eaters! That's a very cool place. Delicious burgers and also a very good beer... they also let us bring the dog inside. The five stars are very well deserved 😉

Moto burger café

Amazing place,The hamburgers are excellent, large and full of flavor, the warm and cozy place full of items for motorcycle fans, although it is small it leaves you with a great experience. Incredible experience, one of my favorites in the Czech Republic. The food was delicious, I ordered the Moto Burger and it was fantastic 🥰. The taste of the meat it's really impressive and the quality of it it's also very fresh and juicy. The fries 🍟 are also very tasty 😋 plus the sauce they do give to you. Friendly staff, they speak English, nice biker decoration, comfortable music with decent volume. I will definitely come back again. Delicious!! Delicious!! Burgers are my favourite dish, and after trying out at so many places in Prague, this is by far the most delicious burger I ever had in my life. I am from Indian Background, love this burger and place so much.!! All the meat here are top level quality and the beer is great, as well. And the fries would be one of the bests you can ever try in your life. A very nice place to have a burger and a beer. The menu has only a few dishes, but you don't have a dilemma what to order. The burger was great and juicy.

Jacob's street food

It’s usually a take away place but in summer u can sit outside. The burger is very flavorful, especially the bun is very good. I like very much jalapeños. The onions rings were ok, the breading is super but the onions itself could be better Very good burger! Outstanding customer service. Seating outside really enjoyed the visit today I had burger with fries and sauce, everything was good, the guys are amazing and able to speak English, sauce and fries were great, burger was juicy and meat quality is good, i would say for burger it would be nice to make it a bit more salty. If I may be honest this is the best place for burgers in the whole Prague. I've already spent here stupid amount of money but I'd say it is worth it because burgers taste amazing. Thay sell also buritos, soups, hotdogs and fires. Nothing is plain and blend, attention to ingredience is exquisite. Also not only the food is good but the staff is one of the nicest people that I was able to meet in establishment like this. When ever is there guy named Jakub my day gets better his approach is so nice and friendly. Overall whole experience is amazing (staff, taste, speed of delivery). 10/10 will definitely spent my money again. +Photos are taken home and food was takeaway burgers are little bit squashed. Very good burgers!! We were three ppl and we were all very pleased.


Not a good experience. The place looks nice and new, but we were not happy with the food. The glasses were dirty, fries were made three times - greasy, soggy. Guacamole was at least a week old and the lady making the burgers had dirty nails that prevented us from enjoying the burgers at all. :-( Best burger ever!!!! Beef was perfect ,medium well as I order!) Good customer service! I've tried the Halloumi Burger for 179CZK and it tastes great. This is a great burger that can compete with the big dogs in the city. Additionally, the prices are quite good. Don't miss this one when in Nusela. It is just a food truck (trailer) with no seating so be prepared for the elements while you are there. This place is great. Super delicious burgers for a good price, the guys are always friendly, and they use biodegradable take-out containers instead of Styrofoam or plastic.

Hoxton Burgers

Great food, terrific service. Ivan was super nice and helpful. Don't miss out on the loaded fries, we ordered the ones with bacon and cheddar and they were incredible. Would definitely come back! Nice burger place. Tasty burgers, but nothing special, nice service and atmosphere. Interesting fact in June'23, approximately 1h in advance, I called to make a reservation and received an answer that it's fully booked and in 2h no chances as well, so unfortunately no way today. But half-hour later passing buy we saw available table and got it. And observed around free tables, and people were coming from outside like us without reservation. So I didn't get why they replied like this via the phone... strange strategy or waiters don't want to have a place fully booked 🤔 🤷🏻‍♀️ We had their lunch menu (fried chicken burger + fries and pork ribs). It was delicious! Both very filling even though it didn’t seem like that for the first time. Waitresses were very kind and friendly and tried to make us feel comfortable! Restaurant is conveniently located on Namesti miru. We recommend this place for sure! Chicken sandwich is very good. Just be aware it is not one big piece of meat but rather pieces of chicken thigh. It is nicely juicy thanks to it though. Place looks nice and the service is ok. They have craft beer on tap. One of the burger places I'm Prague that you're proud to get a selfie 😂🍔 the smash burger with melted cheese is AMAZING!!! Prices are normal around 12€ without drinks. Staff is nice and the service is fast. Highly recommended. Morusya the BEST waitress EVER.

Bistro Moje Místo

3.5 food was good but nothing exceptional. I'd improve the bread in both Eggs Benedict and the Avotoast. Ginger lemonade was OK, but the main thing to taste was sugar. Service was very kind and fast, the place is nice and has tables outside. This added an extra star. Title: Exceptional Bistro Experience for Our Wedding Catering! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My wife and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Moje Místo for our wedding catering, and we couldn't have been happier with the entire experience! From start to finish, the owner's kindness and friendly approach made the process not only stress-free but genuinely enjoyable. First and foremost, the owner's warmth and accommodating nature immediately put us at ease. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but their personalized attention and willingness to go the extra mile made all the difference. Their genuine interest in making our special day perfect was truly heartwarming. The food provided by Moje Místo was an absolute hit among our guests. The variety and flavors were exceptional, leaving everyone raving about the meal. The mini burgers, both beef and halloumi, were a delicious crowd-pleaser, and the chicken steaks were cooked to perfection. The sausages and corn cobs from the grill added that quintessential outdoor barbecue touch, which our guests adored. The array of salads, ragout, and beef stroganoff showcased the bistro's culinary expertise and attention to detail. Each dish was expertly prepared, and the flavors harmonized beautifully. The freshness of the ingredients was evident in every bite, and the presentation added a touch of elegance to the whole affair. What truly stood out was the seamless coordination and execution. Despite the complexity of our menu, the team at Moje Místo managed to deliver a flawless dining experience. Our guests were impressed with the professionalism and efficiency displayed throughout the event. It was clear that the owner's dedication to ensuring a memorable occasion extended beyond their delectable cuisine. In a time when wedding planning can be overwhelming, Moje Místo provided a breath of fresh air. Their kindness, friendliness, and exceptional culinary creations transformed our wedding catering into a cherished memory. We wholeheartedly recommend Moje Místo to anyone seeking not only exquisite food but also a stress-free and delightful experience. Thank you for being an integral part of our special day! Warmest regards, Pavel M. I was sad when I moved away from my bustling neighbourhood filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. I searched for a few weeks looking for something familiar and to my taste, can image how grateful and pleased I was when I found this place? 1. Cosy place with a beautiful interior. 2. Friendly, unobtrusive staff 3. Great pour-over coffee 4. A nice selection of desserts for those who have a sweet tooth. 5. Great food (I recommend the breakfast and brunch menu:-) 6. Affordable prices and quick service. Cozy cafeteria with a beautiful interior. I was surprised by their friendly and gentle service, in comparison with most of places I have visited in Prague. Good coffee, recommended for breakfast or brunch. v cute place! friendly and cute. I usually come with laptop to work a bit. I tried dinner for the first time, was also very good!

Restaurace Hřiště

Nice view, cozy pub. There is also kids playground.

Stejkárna Vinohrady

Went for Team Lunch. The services were good & quick. Food I personally don't like the taste of chicken roll with spinach and bacon. Mashed potatoes looks & taste wise very much mashed potatoes with salt and nothing much. Tomato soup and Lemonade was good. Cream Brulee was good. I had a Chuck flap (small) medium and a piece was chewy, next time I’ll ask medium well. My husband had an rib eye (big) medium well and wanted to marry the meat! As for the side dish I’d prefer the fries to be steak fries (thick). Chocolate fondant with lemon ice cream was delicious! I am visiting from the US. I have been to plenty of great steakhouses. This one is the best. I can not say enough good things. Food was cooked to perfection and delicious. The sirloin was perfect. The cheescake was outstanding. The pork loin was incredible. The only thing that can compare to how good the food was is the amazing service. I would have happily paid double what the price was for the 2 of us to eat there. Thank you so much for a memorable meal! Delicious meet, prepared to order, nice selection of sides and sauce. Miss bit more variety of vegetables as side dishes, but the meet is just delicious. We tried the steak tasting board for 2 people, all the steaks were delicious and it was a great way to get an idea which kind of steak is the best for you. Prices were great for a steakhouse and the service excellent. Recommended!

Mad Runner

I ordered a Smash Burger menu (photo) with honey-mustard sauce and my partner got a Forest Burger and they were absolutely delicious! The meat was very juicy, the veggies fresh and the buns had a pleasant softness to them. The skin-on fries were also tasty and the sauce perfectly matched their saltiness. We came here by accident, searching for some affordable burger place, and I can highly recommend Mad Runner if that's your goal too! I really recommend trying out this restaurant. Fast, nice and most importantly- delicious. I ordered “Forest” burger. It was real good, but I especially liked fries. Prices are reasonable as well. I was here for the first time and I really appreciate the level of cooking. Burger was juice and very tasty. And the price is perfect, 288 czk for menu. I can recommend Mad Runner as a superior alternative to your regular visit to McDonald's with the same price. Absolutely delicious! Huge portion for a reasonable price. The service is very nice (and being in Czech Republic, I was SHOCKED). Not only the burgers are some works of art, the fries are very tasty and rustic as well. We LOVED the Smash burger and the Chicken burger (absolutely recommended!). We ate there but we also had it delivered very quickly. The best burger in Prague. Homemade fries, big burger, good price, tasty sauce (loving all of them). Hidden Prague gem

Zahrádka Hadovka

It was ok, good burgers but nothing special like the down ro earth atmosphere there. nice swrvice, pilsner urquell on tap and good vurgers for 100 some czk. giving 4 stars only for the fact that on some occasion s9meone at other tables was smpking wheat rhere and the smoke was bothering me Very original beergarden (unfortunately closed during winter) directly at the bus stop, decent variety of beers and drinks, and all the food a deep-fryer will serve: frozen burgers, fries, hotdogs. sounds bad, but at 49kc starting point for a burger, its a blast for having a cheap, fun lunch or after work beer-blast! 4th star for interesting audience and music choice Good beer on fresh air. Good burgers & beers, great garden seats

These burger joints offer a delectable selection of burgers made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. Whether you're a meat lover or a vegetarian, there's something for everyone at these hamburger restaurants in Prague. So, next time you're in the city, be sure to check out one of these top-rated spots for a delicious burger experience!

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